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Our main brand name is ‘KOKA’.

KorusKorea was established in the year 2009 by an experienced team of protective film and mobile accessories, with a primary focus in delivering technologies to the world and supporting our clients navigate through this complex and competitive market.

Our team, with experiences of over 10 years in manufacturing protective films(mainly screen protectors for the mobile devices), is also capable of manufacturing and sourcing commodities from Republic of Korea.

“It is time for you to get a reliable partner from Korea. KorusKorea is already your partner.”

  • KorusKorea’s pride is supplying reasonable product with reasonable price at on time.
  • KorusKorea is a leader of protection film market in overseas market as well Korean domestic.
  • KorusKorea’s all staff are well trained and educated as well as experience.
  • KorusKorea is small however strong company.
  • KorusKorea has been expanding market size and distribution channels since established.
  • KorusKorea has global customers like Birgma, Elecom and Daiso.
  • KorusKorea has been growing more than 30 % every year.
  • KorusKorea is very potential and valuable company at this moment and we will be great company with additional investment and manpower.

⚙︎ Current/ Future trends in the marketplace

Demanding of protector will keep going .

New functional protector will be launching.

Multi Functional protector category will be developed.

Anti-Shock Protector will be a trend in the market.